Angry Man Vandalizes Train in Tula, Russia

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"During the inquest, it was established that the accused had arrived at the Tula station to meet his acquaintance. Already at the station it turned out that the citizen had confused the day of his arrival, which led the accused into anger, which he decided to take out on the train standing on the platform.

At first he tried to open the driver's vestibule door, but failed. Then he went down to the railway track, picked up a stone from the ground and returned to the platform. The first attempt to break the glass of the driver's door was unsuccessful, after which he continued his hooligan actions. When the glass broke, the vandal entered the electric train, took an ax from the fire panel and broke the glass of the interior door, "the Interior Ministry said.

The future defendant in the case under the article on vandalism, a previously convicted 29-year-old local resident, was detained at the crime scene. The investigation is over, the materials went to court, and the video went to the Internet."

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