Suspected human-eating 7m python has its stomach cut open in Indonesia

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A huge 7 metre (23 feet) python has its stomach cut open by locals in Indonesia who suspected it of having killed humans.

The giant snake had a huge belly when it was caught.

Agus, a resident, said that the discovery of the snake began when he and several of his family were going to collect sap from the Rompegading forest, Maros district, South Sulawesi province, on Sunday morning (16 May).

His younger brother saw a large snake between the rocks. When caught, the snake could not fight back. They tied the snake with ropes and then dragged its body out of the rock gap.

The size of the snake made them contact other residents to catch it and bring it to the village.

Residents suspect this snake has preyed on humans, so they cut open the snake's stomach to check.

"We thought he was eating someone else's child, so we split it and it turned out that in his stomach there was a calf that had just been eaten," Agus added.

Residents say this is the first time they have seen a snake this big.

According to residents, they often lose livestock such as chickens, goats and calves.

"Indeed, many residents have lost their livestock. We suspect that the cattle are being eaten by snakes. That's why we catch this snake as it's troubling," Agus said.

While exceptionally rare, there have been cases of pythons eating humans in Indonesia.

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