Labrador recreates Kim Kardashian's champagne magazine cover leaving TikTok users in stitches

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A talented dog has gone viral on TikTok with more than 7 million views – after cleverly turning himself into a coffee table for his owners.

Six-year-old Labrador Ollie has built a huge following online after his owner Alex Morgan, 21, from Berkshire, shared clips of him using his bottom to balance different household objects.

The flexible pooch has 2 million dedicated fans on TikTok (@good.boy.ollie), with a recent video racking up 7 million views.

In the clip, Alex sits down on the sofa while carrying a glass of water and holds out her hand.

Ollie immediately leaps into action, bending down next to her and raising his behind so she can put her glass down.

Incredibly, the dog holds still enough for the glass to remain un-spilt – while still wagging his tail happily.

One fan on TikTok said: “And the tail wags at the same time! Impressive!”

“The goodest boy,” another person dubbed him.

A third fan said: “Kim Kardashian? Is that you?”

This isn’t the first time the obedient pup – who Alex calls the “booty balance king” – has used his behind to hold things.

In previous videos, he has mimicked Kim Kardashian’s famous Paper magazine front cover – where the star balances a glass of champagne on her backside.

In a new autumnal snap, Ollie even posed with a pumpkin on his bottom.

“Ollie’s really smart and loves learning new tricks, so balancing stuff on his booty is easy for him,” Alex, who works in television marketing, said.

“I had previously shared videos of Ollie balancing things on his booty which went viral on Tiktok and Instagram. People thought it was hilarious.

“Ollie’s used to taking photos and he loves the attention, so filming TikToks is a really fun experience for him.

“He poses perfectly and I got the shot on the first try – so Ollie is only needed for about 30 seconds, and we then make a big fuss of him which he loves.

“The only reason I make videos with Ollie is because we have fun together doing them, and I want to make his followers smile. It’s the best thing ever to know that so many people enjoy seeing them.

“Ollie’s a really laid back dog, he takes everything in his stride. He’s also really clever which is why I try to keep him busy with training new tricks and filming fun videos.

“He loves all kinds of attention, so I always make sure to make a big fuss of him after we film something, and it makes the whole thing a really fun and positive experience for him.

“He’s such a happy dog and it’s really lovely to be able to share him with so many people online.”

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