Inside abandoned $250 million ‘Titanic Mansion’ that looks eerily similar to the tragic sunken ship

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A photographer has shared footage inside the abandoned '"Titanic mansion” – and it looks eerily similar to the tragic sunken ship.

Jae Fogel, 29, from Columbus, Ohio visited the 110-room mansion on 20th June.

He shared videos of his finds on TikTok, where one of the posts has been viewed over 1.8 million times and received 146,800 likes.

Known as Lynnewood Hall, the turn-of-the-century estate in Philadelphia was built between 1897 and 1900 by Horace Trumbauer for the industrialist and prolific art collector, Peter Arrell Browne Widener as a place for him and his children to be "comfortable" after his wife died in a boating accident.

Widener was an investor in the ill-fated Titanic, which sank into the North Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada on 15 April 1912.

The vessel clearly served as inspiration for the sprawling mansion, but may have become a brutal reminder of the tragedy – particularly as Widener’s son and grandson perished on board.

Jae's video shows just how big the property is as it sits on what were formerly lush green grounds.

He then showcases the extravagant hallway of the grand former home, which boasts dramatic Renaissance-style columns and a regal centralised staircase.

There is also incredible stonework throughout the house, which features decorative archways, ornate alcoves, and columns that look eerily similar to those on board the Titanic.

Jae explains: "Abandoned Titanic mansion, cost $250 million (£181 million) to build.

"Built by one of the history's richest people, from 1897-1900.

"At a price that from inflation would be over $250 million (£181 million) today.

"The owner was even an investor for RMS Titanic.

"He lost his son and grandson during the sinking of the ship."

The photographer also films a huge decorative mirror and other intricate furnishings as well as a book, in a large Baumgarten-designed room decorated in white and blue.

Jae explains: "He died several years later in 1925, some say from a broken heart from losing his son and grandkid.

"110 rooms are inside this 70,000 sq ft mansion."

"It used to be furnished in lavish items like chairs from Louis XV’s palace, Persian rugs, and Chinese pottery."

He then shows the view from one of the second-floor bedrooms in Lynnewood Hall, which looks out onto the gardens.

"So much history resides in this place," he adds.  

Jae's video garnered hundreds of comments from TikTok users who were fascinated by the abandoned home.

One person wrote: "Such a beautiful mansion, thank you for sharing."

"I've been obsessed with Lynwood Hall for years. It’s beautiful, the restoration alone is estimated at 8 million,” another viewer commented.

Someone else joked: "Is it for sale?"

Another viewer found it “so sad” to see it fall into disrepair.

 "Wow, I thought all of the wealthy got on the lifeboats, I guess not," another TikTok user commented.

Boasting a size of 70,000 square feet, Lynnewood Hall is tied for the 14th largest house in America and is the largest abandoned mansion in the world.

The 110-room pad previously housed several art galleries that contained art by Raphael, Rembrandt, El Greco, Van Dyck, Donatello, along with many other luxurious items and fixings.

The property stayed in the Widener family until the 1940s.

However, it has been empty on Spring Avenue in Elkins Park for almost 25 years after being all but abandoned.

"Being inside, I was overcome with feelings of complete amazement and adrenaline," Jae said.

"Being a photographer and an urban explorer, Lynnwood was paradise."

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