Body camera video leaked in shooting death of Steve Perkins by Decatur police

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WAFF 48 News is aware that a news agency has leaked Decatur Police body camera video from the night Steve Perkins was shot and killed.

Perkins was killed outside his house in September, after a tow truck driver who was at Perkins’ home called police and said Perkins had a gun.

In January, three officers were fired, and one officer was suspended for their alleged actions in the shooting. One of the officers who was fire is Mac Bailey Marquette, who has since been indicted for murder.

WAFF 48 has made the decision not to air the video out of respect for all parties involved.

In a statement, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said, “The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) did not release the referenced video to media outlets, and we are unaware of who provided the video to media outlets. ALEA’s State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) turned over the investigative file regarding the officer-involved shooting involving Mr. Perkins to the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office on Dec. 26, 2023.”

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