The French are testing the reliability of the Russian rifle.

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MR-153 manufactured by the Kalashnikov concern.

The French were late. ))
In factory tests, firing from the MP-153 rifle with a 12 / 70-89 universal chamber was fired with Tekhkrim 12-gauge shot and bullet hunting cartridges with a 70 mm and 76 mm case length.
Shooting was carried out in series of 20-25 shots, after which the barrels were cooled. After every 100 shots, incomplete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and inspection of weapon parts were carried out for damage. 4188 cartridges were allocated for testing.
When testing the MP-153 rifle with a large number of shots with cartridges of all types and calibers, the probability of uninterrupted operation of 99.7% was confirmed.
No damage to moving parts or deviations in operating parameters were found. In total, more than 3000 shots were fired from the MP-153.

Currently, the MP-153 is no longer produced, the concern is preparing the release of the 'smart rifle' MP-155 Ultima.

This is the most expensive product in the civilian smoothbore line.

The main changes have affected the electronics of the gun. Last year's prototype was equipped with a compact Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer. A modification of the computer with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB read-only memory was used. A computer with a power source was placed inside the box. The screen with the simplest controls was located on a characteristic inflow in front of the butt neck.

The serial appearance of the MP-155 Ultima provides for a replacement computer. The type and characteristics of the hardware have not yet been specified. The software is built on the Android system.

The basic package of the 'Ultima' includes an HD video camera for installation above the barrel. The video signal is fed to the computer, displayed on the screen of the gun and recorded in memory. All basic functions are also retained. There is a clock with a timer and stopwatch mode, a counter of shots and ammunition, a compass, etc. A training mode is provided. With the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the gun can transmit data, incl. video signal to third-party devices.

Despite all the changes, the production version of the MP-155 'Ultima' has dimensions and weight at the level of prototypes. The length of the gun, with and without buttstock, is 1020 or 810 mm. Barrel length - 510 mm; under it is a tubular magazine for 6 rounds. Weight - 4.2 kg.

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