Wildlife enthusiast saves ladder snake in Spain despite being bitten

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This is the wild scene in the Almeria countryside in southern Spain on November 21, where wildlife enthusiasts Ewan and Serenity encounter the second largest snake in all of Europe, the ladder snake.

"Luckily for the snake, the couple spotted him and stopped the car immediately, got out, and greeted the reptile with cameras. The ladder snake was not happy to see them and struck Ewan's hand with two or three bites, although the eager snake enthusiast was not put off by the serpent's attacks and he carried on his photography. The animal began to draw a small crowd of people who started to take their own videos of the beautiful beast," Ewan told Newsflare.

After spending some time admiring the animal and taking a few photographs the team safely released the snake back in the direction it was going.

"We were extremely lucky to see this animal so late in the year. I was not expecting to see a snake so close to winter but nature always has surprises apparently. These animals are always amazing to see out in the countryside," Ewan told Newsflare.

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