Weekend Cinema - On The Line. Points & Aspects

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Caution: this is Rail Related Malarkey of The Highest Order and if it's not your idea of fun well, you should know the score by now either gtfooh or follow Michaels sage advice and Trap.. So, with that out of the way here's an interesting old filum from 1974 'BTF' (British Transport Films) about a three year job of electrifying the signalling between Glasgow and London on what's termed the West Coast Main Line. It starts slow but this helps to weed out the tyre-kickers and bleaters.. it soon gets interesting - if you enjoy the genre and like watching 'stuff being made'. Notice how although long haired men and old boys do the mainframe erection stuff while the more intricate work of wiring the bastad fell to women - apparently they're more suited to the intricate work needed - it had to work out of the box with no faults as there is no such thing as a small accident on the railways. Notice too the men doing the heavy cable laying next to the track in the winter-time none of 'em are wearing gloves - tough muthas! it's also interesting to see how the modular bits n pieces are made and how they all fit together. So, taking the above into account, this is only for Rail Fans, the cognoscenti and admirers of the genre - it will be of no use whatsoever to certain sections (the list is available upon request during office hours only).
So, click wisely now - and always practice Safe Software.

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