Marana police shoot and kill man suspected of DUI who fled, fired shots at officers

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Marana police officers shot and killed a man after he attempted to flee from his arrest and exchanged gunfire with officers on Saturday.

At about 5:30 p.m., Marana police officers stopped 29-year-old Tobin Pico, who was driving a Jeep Cherokee, for traffic violations in the 4100 Block of West Ina Road. According to the Pima Regional Critical Incident Team, the officers suspected Pico was impaired, and a DUI investigation led them to arrest Pico on suspicion of aggravated DUI.

The critical incident team said that as officers were placing Pico in handcuffs, he escaped and started fleeing southward over several traffic lanes. While running, officers saw Pico pull out a handgun. They shouted commands at him to stop and to put the gun down, but Pico kept running, according to police.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department used aircraft to follow Pico as he made his way to the southern part of the river path along the Canyon Del Oro Wash, where officers saw him fire his handgun into the ground, police said. He then traveled eastward toward an occupied parking lot with open businesses in the 6900 block of North Thornydale Road.

Officials said one of the officers fired his rifle at Pico, causing him to fall before getting up and continuing toward the parking lot. Pico ran into some Maran police officers after he rounded a corner, and they exchanged gunfire with each other, police said. Pico was fatally shot.

Officers and the Northwest Fire District tried to save his life, but he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to officials. No officers or civilians were hurt during this shooting.

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