Conway police released bodycam from July 2023 in-custody death, where an unresponsive man died

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The Conway Police Department released bodycam footage on Thursday, Dec. 28 after authorities found a man unresponsive laying in the grass earlier this year, who later died in custody.

The incident, which originally happened in July 2023, occurred after authorities received calls about a man "going into people's yards and yelling at himself."

Authorities said they were dispatched around 4:42 p.m. on July, 18 to S. Center Street and Hardy Street, where 44-year-old Ricky Freiberg, was spotted.

Body cam video shows a Conway officer initially approaching Freiberg and checking on his wellbeing as the officer approached.

The Conway officer can be heard asking Freiberg "What are you doing" and "Are you alright," before asking him if he needed an ambulance, to which she got no response.

In the video, the officer encourages Freiberg to talk to her, asking further questions like "What [drugs] did you take," as she calls for backup to help.

The officer notices that Freiberg is suffering what she deems to be an overdose and pulls out Narcan to treat him, which she administered through his nose.

After a few moments, Freiberg became "combative and disoriented" and began to get up and move away from the officers.

Officers can be heard in the video telling him to calm down, restraining him and putting him into handcuffs until medical personnel arrived on the scene.

One officer during the process of putting handcuffs on Freiberg can be seen in the video on top of him.

When medics made it to the scene, they loaded Freiberg into an ambulance.

Police said that Freiberg later died at 5:54 p.m. that same day while in the ambulance.

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