Alley of angels.

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This is a memorial in Donetsk - in memory of the children killed by Ukrainian soldiers. The age of those killed is on the stone.
And this is not a complete list.

Do you know how to use search engines? All this is not only in Wikipedia.

Are you outraged by Russia? Me too.
I am outraged that Russia has tolerated the killing of Russians by Ukrainian nationalists for a long EIGHT YEARS.
I am outraged that only after EIGHT YEARS 'aggressor Putin' did what he should have FINISHED back in 2014.

And Putin asked Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk agreements it signed, which guaranteed the security and integrity of Ukraine itself, despite the fact that Russia is not a party to this treaty - Russia just wanted the Ukrainians themselves to solve the Ukrainian problems peacefully.

But for Ukraine, for some reason, Russia itself has become an 'aggressor' - for eight years Ukraine has been shouting that Russia is attacking it every day!
So I begged for it.

Imagine Mexico shelling Texas for eight years.
Eight years of killing US citizens.
And the government is silent.
Will you be outraged?
Will you endure?
Or will you take up arms yourself?

So the citizens of Ukrainian Donetsk and Lugansk took up arms.
And Russia intervened only when the Nazis wanted to have nuclear weapons.

Therefore, sit and be silent... Russia is not an aggressor.
It will not seize and hold Ukrainian land.

Russia is protecting 800,000 of its citizens.

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