NYSP released bodycam refuting allegations that its officers caused a pregnant woman to miscarry

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New York State Police have released body cam video that refutes allegations that one of its officers caused a pregnant woman to miscarry following a traffic stop.

On March 20th, shortly before 2 p.m., New York State Police attempted to pull over a Range Rover traveling on Chenango Street in Binghamton.

According to police, the vehicle did not comply, leading another state police vehicle to pull in front of it.

The driver, Quashaia Oranchak, allegedly struck the police vehicle before coming to a stop.

In the body cam video, officers are seen and heard screaming at Oranchak to get out of the vehicle, which she does.

They then handcuff her and place her under arrest for fleeing an officer.

Police also leveled drug possession charges against her.

After being taken to the Broome County jail, police say Oranchak became unresponsive and was taken to the hospital, where her unborn child did not survive.

Oranchak hired local attorney Ron Benjamin, who today leveled accusations of police brutality and homicide against State Police, claiming that the miscarriage had been the result of police brutality during her arrest.

Benjamin specifically claimed that the officer had dragged Oranchak from the vehicle, tossed her about like a rag doll, and slammed her onto the hood of the vehicle.

None of that is seen in the body cam video released by police.

In fact, Oranchak seems to calmly cooperate with police and when asked about her pregnancy tells the officer that she is okay.

State Police say a quantity of fentanyl and methamphetamine were located secreted in Oranchak’s body when she was at the hospital having the miscarriage.

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