IMPD releases video detailing carjacking that led to police shooting

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has released surveillance video and bodycam footage detailing the incident that led to police shooting accused carjacker Michael Barnes on March 29.

Surveillance footage from the intersection of Georgetown Road and W. 56th Street shows the collision and carjacking that kick-started the incident and ended with Barnes being shot by IMPD officers on an interstate on-ramp.

In public safety camera footage from the intersection, a tan-colored car driven by Barnes can be seen running a red light and cutting in front of a silver car.

After being struck by the silver car, Barnes crashes into a truck waiting at the red light. Barnes then exits his vehicle and runs toward a woman who had stepped out of her Chevrolet Impala to check on Barnes.

Barnes is reportedly holding a gun while exiting his vehicle and can be seen pointing the weapon at the woman.

Before Barnes drives away in the stolen Impala, Barnes lets the woman quickly grab a young child out of the back seat.

“He let me get the baby out of the car, but he walked up to me with a gun,” the carjacking victim can be heard telling police in bodycam footage.

Officers were quickly able to locate the stolen Impala near 62nd and Cooper Road, according to IMPD. Barnes refused to stop for the officers, however, and ended up leading police on a chase through the city, where he ran multiple red lights and reached speeds of over 80 miles per hour.

Barnes ended up fleeing south down Kessler, where he attempted to merge onto I-65 before his vehicle came to a sudden stop on the on-ramp.

Body camera footage from when officers spoke to the carjacking victim suggests that the Impala was a push start and may have died due to Barnes not being in possession of the key fob.

“I got my keys, so he’s not going to get far,” the carjacking victim can be heard telling police.

Police said that after Barnes’ vehicle came to a stop, Barnes quickly exited the Impala and pointed a handgun at officers. Two officers responded by opening fire and shooting Barnes.

IMPD released dashcam footage from a passing civilian that shows Barne exiting the Impala and pointing a gun at officers.

After Barnes was shot by officers, police approached and provided medical aid until EMS arrived at the scene.

Barnes was transported to a hospital in critical condition but ended up improving to stable condition.

Police said a handgun was found lying next to Barnes as officers approached after the shooting.

Barnes was found to be wanted out of Grant County on gun, drug and theft charges.

He faces additional charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, a Level 4 felony; two counts of resisting law enforcement, Level 6 felonies; two counts of pointing a firearm at another, Level 6 felonies; and a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

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