HOBOT & Co 'Summer Boat Trip 2021'.

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Enchanting alcohol-thrash walk along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.
Yura is an old friend of mine. He lived in Kiev, after the well-known events in Ukraine he moved to Russia. He lives in St. Petersburg, where he gives the bulk of concerts, and when his group performs in Moscow, I come there to drink some brandy with my friends.

Yuri the first Ukrainian contrabass player, whose recording was released on vinyl in Germany ('Vasya and Hobot' - a solo project by Vasyl Gontarsky, the leader of Vasya Club, re-release in 2013).

Over twenty years of his professional career, he has played in many well-known and not-so-famous bands: Code, Pilot's Sadness, Metamorphosis, Wheel of the Law, Tathagata, Yanka Kozir Orchestra, Hobo'T Blues, Mr.Och & His Root Boys, Vasya Club, Vasya and Hobot, Hobot Project, Katya Chilly, Drossabilly Buzz, Daddy Doesn't Take Prisoners, Izzet, Yulia Lord, ArtyShock duet, Gorin and Hobot, Techia, and also developed the concept of creativity - 'this is the propaganda of a lively, pristine sound and frank, unrefined naked drive.'

Today he is the leader of the 'HOBOT & Co' group, a member of 'Drossabilly Buzz' and several side projects.

In his work, he is an ardent promoter of such musical directions as blues, rhythm and blues, rockabilly, Neo-Swing, Surf, -Billy, Russian Southern AlcoBilly, Southern ShansonBilly, Bluegrass, HellBilly.

Yuri also participated in the filming of films and television series:
2006 'Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno' (the role of Isaac Holtzman)
2006 'Year of the Goldfish' (with HOBOT & Co, where the band provided two of their songs for the film)
2007 'Opera hook: the number of the beast' (supporting role - 'Rotten')
2012 'Reluctant Mom' ​​(together with HOBOT & Co, where the group provided two of their songs for the film, and one was written specially by the order of the producers)
2013 'Brother for brother-3'
2013 'Efrosinya'
2013 'Photo for documents'
'Return of Mukhtar 1,2' (costume designer and musician)
And also 'Brotherhood', 'Trap', 'The earth is dry', etc.

Participation in a TV show
2001-2004 'Hidden Camera' (as musician and actor)
2008 Show 'Fashionable Sentence'
2010 Show 'Intuition' (with HOBOT & Co)
2011 Show 'Impostors'
2013 Show 'One hundred thousand for the truth'

Concert on the ship 'Vasily' 10.07.2021:
01. Intro.
02. You.
03. Cannibal.
04. Like a Window.
05.Ch. S. B. K.
06. Double bass.
07. Temptations.

'HOBOT & Co':
Dmitry Gainutdinov - drums
Dmitry Rudyaev - guitar
Yuri 'HOBOT' Galinin - double bass, voice

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