Fairfax County police release video of successful crisis intervention, plan to expand co-responder program

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On June 6, officers responded to a parking garage in the 2600 block of Park Tower Drive in Vienna for a man who was sitting on the edge of the top deck, police said.

In the video, officers can be seen engaging in conversation with the man and determined he was having a mental health crisis. An officer trained in crisis intervention spoke with the man, built rapport with him, and pleaded with the man to step off the ledge.

An officer and clinician successfully convinced the man to step off the ledge, and then provided him with further treatment.

FCPD will soon expand its pilot program "Co-Responder" which helps train police to respond to mental health emergency calls. The program was launched in 2021

In September, FCPD will add more officers and clinicians to the co-responders unit, making a fourth team.

The program operates all throughout the county. Since 2021, FCPD said 50% of calls were resolved with no action. With the expansion, there will now be a team dedicated to the Tysons, McLean and Reston areas.

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