Dashcam video shows police chase with alleged human smugglers

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Two men are facing charges following a recent car chase in Texas that led to the discovery of the alleged smuggling of six immigrants.

Dashcam footage from the Texas Department of Public Safety shows troopers attempting to stop a gray Toyota on U.S. 90 in Kinney County, Texas, for a traffic violation. But the driver apparently refused to stop, and a pursuit began.

In one part of the video, you can see the suspect making a U-turn in the grass, attempting to escape the troopers following him. The Toyota then drives for a good bit on the side of the highway in the grass as troopers make every effort possible to try and stop them.

At one moment, it appears the driver may have found an escape route, but then you can see the suspect crash through a gate, stranding the car.

The driver and passenger were quickly captured by DPS troopers, WAFB reports.

Troopers said they found six immigrants in the car from Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador who do not have permanent legal status in the U.S.

Troopers also found two handguns inside the car.

Troopers identified the driver as 26-year-old Donald Graves and the passenger as 25-year-old Najoua Harris. Both men are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Both men are facing federal smuggling charges, according to authorities.

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