New Hampshire Police Nearly Rammed by SUV in This Shocking Dashcam Video

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You know about the Move Over, Slow Down campaign for New Hampshire, which reminds drivers to move over one lane and slow down when they see a first responder on the side of the road, with flashing amber, blue, or red lights on.

You see the 57-foot trailer poised along and over highways, sponsored by New Hampshire Towing Association, painted with a huge SLOW-DOWN, MOVE OVER motto.

Believe it or not, a good percentage of the population does not know it's the law, despite a huge campaign by the State of New Hampshire.

In July 2022, Troop G of the New Hampshire State Police, cited 80 drivers in two hours on I-93 in Concord, for not moving over and slowing down for emergency vehicles.

However, it's still happening. Drivers are either not aware of the law, or they're just not paying attention.

According to New Hampshire State Police, last Sunday during a snowstorm, a cruiser caught a stunning dash cam video. There were two Troop F police cars on the side of the road with lights activated. They were responding to a call for a vehicle off the road.

During that stop, an SUV, pulling a large trailer, just missed hitting the cruiser by only two feet. The vehicle veered off the road as the driver noticed the cruisers. This could have been a disaster for all involved, but the accident could have been avoided had the driver moved over and slowed down, especially with only one lane plowed at that point.

Here's the close call video from Facebook. You decide what happened, but it sure looks like someone wasn't paying attention.

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