Surveillance video shows actions of Chandler neighbor before police mistakenly shot him

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The Chandler Police Department released on Friday edited videos that showed officers shooting an armed man and shooting a neighbor who they thought was the armed suspect.

The body-camera and home surveillance videos were from an incident on March 3 on Carla Vista Drive, just north of Chandler Boulevard and east of McClintock Drive, around 6:30 p.m.

Officers were called out to the neighborhood because 911 callers said a man, later identified as 58-year-old Luciano Gutierrez, was acting strangely and saying there were bodies inside his house.

They also said he was armed, and they heard a gunshot.

Officers arrived and blocked the west side of Carla Vista Drive at Los Feliz Drive.

Gutierrez was heard inside his house, so officers used their PA system to talk to him.

“Exit the residence with your hands up and empty!” shouted an officer, heard on a body-worn camera.

Officers moved in toward the home along the street and continued to try to talk to Gutierrez for three minutes, police said.

While they tried to calm Gutierrez down, two officers arrived and blocked the east side of Carla Vista Drive at Country Club Way.

Those officers saw a 33-year-old man they thought was the suspect, who had something in his hand and was ignoring their commands to go back inside his home.

After about 8.5 minutes, police said Gutierrez came out of his home and raised the gun at officers on the west side of the street.

“Drop the gun, Luciano! Drop the gun, so I can help you,” an officer is heard saying on the body-cam.

The video then transitions to officers with their guns up and Gutierrez saying something before the officers fire off nearly 10 rounds.

As this was happening, Ring video from a home shows the neighbor making movements that officers thought he was pointing a gun at the officers on the west side of the street.

One officer fired one shot, hitting the neighbor.

Police said they later discovered he wasn’t armed.

Both men were taken to the hospital and survived.

Gutierrez was later booked into jail on multiple felonies.

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