Body cam video shows 3 officers shoot at armed man in New London hotel room

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The Office of the Inspector General (IG) has released police body camera video of three officers shooting someone in a hotel room with kids inside.

Police were first called to America's Best Value at 380 Bayonet St. in New London around 1:50 p.m. Sunday before moving to the adjacent Clarion Inn Hotel.

Police received a report of shots fired at the hotel and were directed to a room on the second floor. A witness told police that a man, later identified as Christopher Nolan, 42, came into the room and fired a round out of the room's window at someone, according to the IG.

Police learned that Nolan ran to the Clarion Inn Hotel. Officers then went to the Clarion to search room by room. They found Nolan in a room on the second floor. Someone in the room let the police in.

Once inside, officers saw Nolan pressed against the window in an "apparent effort to escape." Police saw Nolan holding a gun. When Nolan turned towards the officers, Officers Joseph Nott, Annie Agnew, and Seth Bolduc fired their weapons, the IG said.

There were kids in the room, with some of them sitting on the beds, when the shooting took place, as seen in the body cam video.

Nolan sustained multiple gunshot wounds, according to the IG.

Police found a revolver on the corner of the windowsill where Nolan was standing.

Nolan received medical aid on the scene before he was taken to an area hospital and was later transferred to Yale New Haven Hospital. His condition is not known at this time.

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