Video shows man firing at cars outside a gas station before officers returned fire, killing him

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Fort Worth Police released body camera video Friday afternoon showing a man shooting a gun both inside and outside a QT gas station early Wednesday morning moments before he was fatally shot by police officers.

Assistant Chief of Police Robert Alldredge said in a video released on Twitter Friday afternoon that two QuikTrip employees called 911 at about 12:39 a.m. to report that a man inside the store on Northeast 28th Street was carrying a handgun.

Alldredge said the calls were from an employee inside the store and another employee who was remotely watching the store's cameras.

Officers were told that a man was walking back and forth inside the store with a gun in his hand, but that he wasn't robbing the store, and that he asked the employee to call the police.

In the video, a female clerk who called 911 told operators that she was terrified and was worried about the man shooting at the officers when they arrived.

According to Alldredge, officers arrived at 12:44 a.m. and told people to leave the parking lot and get away from the gas pumps. A second group of officers arrived on the west side of the building and slowly began to approach while carrying ballistics shields.

In the video released by police Friday, the man was then seen firing two shots inside the building. The officers approaching from the side then moved back and regrouped behind the shield, Alldredge said.

About 27 seconds later, Alldredge said the man walked out of the front doors and fired several shots toward cars leaving the area. Officers returned fire and hit the man at least twice.

The officers then approached the man and began providing first aid. The man, identified by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner as 31-year-old Joe Don Williams, was pronounced dead at a local hospital with his cause of death being multiple gunshot wounds.

No other injuries were reported in connection with the shooting.

Police have not said what the man was doing before he arrived at the gas station.

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