Raw: Columbus police sergeant shoots through windshield at a car thief who tried to run him down

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The woman accused of leading officers on a wild chase that ended moments after she crashed into a Columbus police sergeant, who then shot her from atop the hood of the car, had been in police custody just hours earlier.
And Friday, ABC 6 obtained police video of the heart stopping encounter.

The video shows officers trying to stop 32-year-old Holly Graham, who pulled in and out of several gas stations in the East Dublin-Granville Road area Wednesday afternoon.

At one point, Graham, in a stolen car, drove at an officer, knocked him on top of the hood and kept driving. The sergeant maintained his composure, fired several rounds through the front windshield, all while Graham continued driving, and he somehow stayed on the hood. Eventually, he fell to the ground and Graham drove off.

Moments later, Graham allegedly crashed into two cars stopped at a red light down the road, and another officer on a motorcycle approached and got her to the ground as other officers arrived.

The sergeant who was struck by the car was taken to a hospital but was released Friday. His name has not been released.

Also, Friday, ABC 6 confirmed that either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, Graham was in custody on a warrant from 2020.

A police spokesman told ABC 6 via email that CPD officers took her into custody and drove her to the Franklin County Jail. The jail wouldn't take her in, telling the officers that Graham needed to seek medical treatment.

The officers then took her to a hospital, then learned a judge had checked for her to be summoned to court, the police spokesman said.

What happened in the hours between that judge's summons and Wednesday's chase is unclear.

Investigators said Graham initially stole the vehicle in Lancaster, then later began the chase with authorities in the 900 block of East Dublin-Granville Road.

She is facing serious charges, including assaulting an officer and causing serious physical harm.

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