Bodycam footage shows woman attacking paramedics trying to help her

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This is the shocking moment a foulmouthed woman attacks a pair of paramedics who tried to help her after she fell over in a park.

Vanessa Blakely, 25, was caught on bodycam footage launching a violent attack with a dog walker trying to stop her.

Nick Brown, a paramedic from Wiltshire was punched, knocked unconscious and left with a broken eye socket after he and student paramedic, Callum, responded to a 999 call to help Ms Blakely.

Ms Blakely punched Nick in the head, resulting in him hitting the front of the Rapid Response Vehicle and then the ground, leaving him unconscious.

Nick was taken to hospital, where it was discovered he had a broken eye socket. Callum was also kicked during the incident and suffered broken ribs.

Nick Brown, SWASFT paramedic, said: “When I woke up on the floor, I couldn’t quite believe what had happened. Nobody should be frightened to do their job, especially in a caring profession. Anyone that assaults an emergency worker should be ashamed of themselves.

“Sadly, we are often verbally abused, but thankfully physical abuse is less common, though it still happens. Body-worn cameras go a long way to reduce that risk.

“I hope this shocking footage and successful prosecution sends out a strong message that any assault, physical or verbal, will not be tolerated.

“I’d like to recognize the support I have received from SWASFT, the police and the care I received at the Great Western Hospital in the days following the assault.“I would also like to praise the actions of Callum. His rapid intervention and calm decision-making, despite being injured himself, minimized the harm done.”

During the hearing on the 2 February 2023 at Swindon Magistrates Court, Vanessa Blakely pleaded guilty to assault by beating of an emergency worker and GBH without intent.

Ms Blakely was sentenced on Thursday 2 February to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years. She was also ordered to pay compensation to the value of £100 and given a rehabilitation activity requirement.

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