Tulsa Police released bodycam of the officer-involved shooting that left Jesus Huerta-Sanchez dead

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Tulsa Police said a suspect who pointed a gun at officers died from his injuries after he was shot by an officer at a north Tulsa park.

A line of Tulsa Police cars. Lights flashing and detectives gathering evidence. That was the scene at Wheeling Park near Apache and Lewis on Wednesday afternoon.

"He was running through the neighborhoods, businesses with a firearm,” said Tulsa Police Captain Richard Meulenberg.

Meulenberg said it started when they got a call around 3:30 p.m., from a different neighborhood near Pine and Lewis, about a mile away.

The caller said a man he knew, but who wasn't welcome in his home, wouldn't leave and that the man had fired shots into the air during the argument about it.

"Officers started getting into the area looking for the suspect, and he took off running,” Meulenberg said.

Meulenberg said they quickly learned the man they were after was a felon.

We asked Meulenberg what was going through officers’ minds as they looked for him.

"Any number of things, what we have is, we’re responding to a call, and you never know what you are going to get into,” Meulenberg said. “And then we find out that he's firing rounds into the air, but we’re not sure at the time if he's firing rounds at anyone else, so he clearly has a disregard for public safety.”

Police said they sent a K-9 out to track the man's scent, which ultimately led officers to the park and the shooting.

After the shooting, police called out their crime scene investigators to collect every single piece of evidence that was left out there, including the gun they said the suspect pointed at them.

"They will take measurements out here, they will take photographs and video, and they will recover the firearm,” Meulenberg said.

The officer involved will remain on routine paid leave during the investigation.

The suspect was taken to the hospital but died a couple of hours later.

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