NYPD officers, Good Samaritan pull off incredible subway track save in Harlem

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Police made an incredible rescue on the subway tracks in Harlem with just seconds to spare before a train pulled in.

The police body cam footage looks like it came out of a video game. After spotting a person lying on the far side of the tracks, the NYPD officer starts running up the stairs out of the station. Without hesitating, he goes across the street and back down the stairs on the other side.

Onlookers open the emergency door for him, and the officer goes straight for the tracks.

A Good Samaritan in a blue hat is seen standing over the enfeebled man, and together the officer, his partner, and the Good Samaritan lift him up off the tracks onto the platform.

The officer then hoists himself up to safety, just seconds before a train is pulls into the station.

It happened on Thanksgiving afternoon at the 6 train station on Lexington and East 116th Street. It's unclear how or why the 40-year-old man initially fell on the tracks, but EMS later took him to the hospital with minor injuries.

The officers were applauded for their bravery.

"The heroics of New York's Finest always amazes me," NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said.

"The joint commitment by Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams to have additional NYPD officers patrol in subway stations and on trains not only helps riders feel safer, but in this case enabled brave officers and a Good Samaritan -- in the finest tradition of New Yorkers helping each other -- to save a life," MTA Chairman Janno Lieber added.

With split seconds to spare, the officers and an unlikely helper pulled off a Thanksgiving miracle.

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