Florida sheriff releases body camera video of arrest in response to online criticism

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The Volusia County sheriff has released a body camera video of a recent arrest after receiving online criticism.

The sheriff says Deltona leaders contacted him about the arrest after seeing social media posts calling the incident an "overreaction."

Investigators say a sergeant was responding to a burglary call Monday – but he accidentally stopped one street over from the correct address.

In the video, you see the sergeant try to talk to a driver pulling out of a driveway when things escalate quickly.

"Even though he’s in the wrong location – he believes he’s in the right location. He’s trying to establish a report. She wants to drive away. He reaches in to turn the car off to prevent a pursuit or anything from happening to anybody. She just unloads on him with profanity," said Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Officials say the driver is 18-year-old Iyanna Rollins.

You can see in the body cam video that the sergeant tries to handcuff her. In an arrest report, deputies write that she kicked him and struck him in the head with a closed fist multiple times. They also say she kicked another deputy trying to adjust her handcuffs.

Still, some are questioning how the sergeant Initially approached the car – saying he was too aggressive.

"Cops are being gunned down and killed at an alarming rate in this country. He’s responding to a burglar alarm. There’s a car backing out of the driveway. If you don’t like it - sue me. Or run for sheriff and try to beat me," Sheriff Chitwood said.

Rollins was locked up for battery on a law enforcement officer.

FOX 35 reached out to the man who originally posted on social media about the arrest, but he didn’t want to comment.

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