The karma for a pimp is devastating in the end

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Being a pimp isn't worth it in the end. Most of the pimps will tell you the exact same thing. You see all of the glitter and gold, but you do not see what happens behind the scene. You do not see how bad the community, cops, and women that you deal with will tear you down in the long run. You don't!!! When a pimp finally sees the end of the tunnel in life, it's one of the most excruciating pains that a man could deal with in his life. The karma of a lifestyle like that is very lonely 😭 in the end. When all you have left is the woman that you've depended on to take care of yourself with the upper hand over you, and they watch you fall to a hurtful death, without anyone around but themself to care for you, and you see what help that they would give to you ( photo attached ). At the end of my life all I wanted was to wash the look off of me at all cost, even if i had to be used by women myself. That light at the end of the tunnel will hurt so bad, that you'll see why most of the pimps wind up with the same mentality in the end. I would rather have one woman who's there for me. Most pimps were taken advantage of at a younger age by an older woman (fact). Maybe an older woman mistreated, neglected, and paid for things for the younger man, and he became accustomed to having women taking care of him, with the hatred of ages for women because of the way that he was treated by a woman in his younger years as a youth.

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