Patrol officers rescue wild cat stuck in trap in southern Thailand

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Patrol officers rescued a wild cat stuck in a trap in southern Thailand.

The officers spotted an Asian Golden cat stuck in a wild animal trap while completing a patrol mission in Surat Thani province on August 19.

They approached the wild cat and cut out parts of the trap to free it. While examining its body, they also found that the Asian golden cat had minor leg injuries but was still able to walk.

An investigation to find the identities of the hunters who set up the illegal trap in the forest was conducted by the patrol officers with the help of local officials.

Patrol officer Keerati Petchtong said: ‘It appeared to be exhausted when we rescued it. We believe that the wild cat has been trapped for a day. I’m glad we freed it before it was too late.’

Asian Golden cats are smaller than the clouded leopard but bigger than a marbled cat. The coat colour is diverse from reddish-brown to orange. It also has a distinctive feature which is a white hairband on the face.

These animals are listed by a non-government organisation International Union for Conservation of Nature as near-threatened.

Conservationists believed that hunting and habitat loss since Southeast Asian forests are undergoing the world’s fastest regional deforestation, are to blame.

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