Manufacturing Heavy Cast Truck Parts In A 3rd World Country

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NOTE: '34 minutes longer than a TokTac vid - evaluate how you use your time - and always practice Safe Software.

if after the next Big-un when most of the western worlds Hi Tec computer assisted workshops and factory facilities lie in ruins these guys will probably be the ones who can use the 75+year old lathes and other old machinery to turn out vital parts they need in order to get things moving again whilst the yoof of the west - especially those in London will be lost without their phones.

Admittedly you wouldn't want to make specialist equipment with the steel they produce but if you need a 'new' cast gearbox for an old truck to deliver food or medicines these will do the job adequately well.

Gotta laugh at the one guy making the mould not wearing any shoes to tamp down the sand mixture - also particularly like how the lathe-man sizes-up/centres a job by eye (and a brass collared mallet) at 16:31+

At least the guy has employment and considering what he's using he's turning out a reasonably good product.

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