Arkansas state trooper hits suspect car after chase on I-530

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A newly-released video shows an Arkansas state trooper crashing head on into a suspect’s car after a chase on Interstate 530 in Jefferson County last month.

According to the Arkansas State Police incident report, the trooper said he was parked at the exit 24 overpass on I-530 when he saw the suspect, identified as 19-year-old Tyrese Lancaster, speeding over the overpass.

The trooper said when he attempted to make a traffic stop, the suspect sped off, at which point the trooper said he began a pursuit of the suspect.

The report stated that Lancaster continued southbound on I-530 at speeds sometimes topping 140 mph. He then exited I-530 at exit 30, the report said. As he approached the bottom of the ramp, the report said he sped up again.

The report said Lancaster crossed State Highway 104, then back onto the southbound entrance ramp. As the chase continued, the report stated that he began weaving in and out of traffic.

As the trooper and Lancaster approached the exit ramp 32 overpass area, the report stated that another trooper joined the chase and became the primary unit. Eventually, a third trooper joined the chase and took over the primary position, the report stated.

As Lancaster drove onto exit 35, the video shows that he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the guard rail. The video shows that his car came to a rest and one of the troopers blocked half of the roadway. The video also shows another trooper crashing into the Lancaster’s car.

The report stated that troopers found a gym bag with men’s clothing in the rear seat that contained four unopened 12 oz. beers. Lancaster was treated at the scene for minor bruises and scrapes, the report stated. He was then taken into custody.

He is facing charges of fleeing-in vehicle or convey – substantial danger of death, speeding 1-15 mph over limit, reckless driving, no seat belt and possession or purchase of alcohol by minor.

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