JSO releases bodycam video of police-involved shooting that critically injured teen

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The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on Thursday released officer-worn body camera footage of a police-involved shooting earlier this year that critically injured a 15-year-old.

The shooting happened before 10 p.m. Feb. 1 on Spring Grove Avenue near West 41st Street in the Royal Terrace area.

The teen was shot and critically wounded while he and two others were running from a reported home invasion on Spring Grove Avenue, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The family who lives at the home alerted JSO after seeing the three holding guns in the house on Facebook Live, police said.

In the nearly 2-minute body camera video that JSO posted on YouTube, an officer can be seen pulling up to the house, getting out of his cruiser and drawing his weapon as two people run toward a creek. In the video, the officer fires, and the 15-year-old is hit and falls down in the creek.

“He’s 15 years old. He’s got a gunshot wound. He says the gun is in the river,” police can be heard saying in the video.

The second person got away but was later located.

The video shows the third person lying down on his stomach on a sidewalk next to an AK-style rifle gun in the grass. He denied being with the other two and was later put in handcuffs, but it’s unclear if he and the person who ran away were arrested.

No officers were hurt.

The body camera video has no audio until about 30 seconds in. But surveillance video from a house nearby picked up the sound of gunshots.

The house surveillance shows an officer standing in the direction of the creek and asking questions.

“Hey, did you get shot? Crawl to me, crawl to me,” the officer can be heard saying.

The wounded 15-year-old, identified by sources as Antarious Fluellen, was released from a hospital and later arrested by Lake City police in connection with an unrelated deadly shooting of a 17-year-old.

The State Attorney’s Office informed JSO on April 6 that it had no objections to the release of the body camera footage in the February police-involved shooting. The investigation is ongoing.

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