Bodycam video shows police confront road-rage suspect at Forest City Elementary School

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Newly released body camera video obtained by News 6 shows police in Altamonte Springs questioning a parent in a pickup line Tuesday following reports of someone with a firearm at an elementary school.

41-year-old Vincent Rosa is now facing charges of having a weapon on or near school grounds and aggravated assault after what police are calling a road rage incident that happened on the way to Forest City Elementary School.

Officers confronted Rosa after another parent told school staff that Rosa pulled out what looked like a gun and allegedly said he was “going to kill him.”

According to an arrest affidavit for Rosa, the victim told officers he was stopped at the intersection of SR-434 and Sand Lake Road with a “no turn on red signal,” when he noticed another driver yelling behind him.

In the body camera video, Rosa can be heard asking the officers about the other driver, saying he “ran me off the road.”

The officer is heard repeatedly asking Rosa to calm down. Throughout the encounter, they describe Rosa’s behavior as “irate” and “belligerent.”

Eventually, the officer radios for more units to be sent, and you can hear the calls in the background of the video as the school is on “Code Red” protocol.

At one point in the video, you catch a glimpse of the gun as the officer wearing the body camera asks one of the other officers on scene to put it in his patrol car. Rosa can be heard admitting that the gun is his as he asks why police are “taking it.”

As he continues to speak, officers place him in handcuffs, noting in their report that they were “unable to effectively communicate” with him “due to him talking over them.” The video shows Rosa questioning them as they place him in handcuffs.

He can be heard saying, “You’re not putting that on me,” as one of the officers says they are securing him for safety reasons.

News 6 went to Rosa’s home Friday to ask him about the accusations. His response was simple.

“It’s not what they said,” he told reporter Catherine Silver.

Rosa is expected back in court in June for an arraignment hearing.

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