LAPD release surveillance video of officers shooting at suspect who shot at them with a BB gun

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The Los Angeles Police Department released security camera footage on Thursday of officers exchanging gunfire with a man shooting at them with a BB gun.

It all happened on Feb. 20 when someone accused 42-year-old Anthony Franks of threatening his neighbor with a gun in his Skid Row apartment building.

The 18-second video, released on the agency's YouTube channel, showed Franks opening the door of his apartment shortly before shooting off a few .50 caliber rubber balls at officers behind a nearby wall.

An officer, just barely in view of the camera, returns fire, striking the door several times but not hitting the suspect. After the exchange, Franks ran back into his apartment kicking off a brief standoff.

Eventually, officers called him and convinced him to surrender.

Police recovered the BB gun, which they classified as a "projective launcher," and a jar of .50 caliber rubber balls at his home. The LAPD also found a 9mm handgun at his apartment.

No one was injured in this incident.

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