Pursuit on Beachline ends in Orange County arrest

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Video released by the Florida Highway Patrol shows a wanted person being arrested Wednesday following a pursuit on State Road 528 which started in Brevard County and ended in Orange County.

Troopers said Daniel Harris, 33, was arrested in the westbound lanes of the Beachline near Dallas Boulevard after law enforcement rammed the vehicle he was driving in order to stop him.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said its deputies started the pursuit around 2:05 p.m. when they identified Harris on an out-ostate warrant for terrorist threats.

According to an arrest report, troopers joined the pursuit a few minutes later as the white Kia Soul deputies were tailing drove between 55 and 75 mph down the Beachline around mile marker 26.

The report shows Harris made no attempt to stop and continued switching lanes, despite troopers activating their emergency lights and sirens.

Video shows multiple FHP vehicles actively attempt to slow down the Kia by braking in front of it and repeatedly ramming into the vehicle. A P.I.T., or precision immobilization technique, was also attempted, but footage shows the Kia regained control before cirventing the law enforcement cruisers.

Harris is then seen getting out of the vehicle with his hands up. Aerial footage shows a swarm of FHP cruisers surround Harris as the pursuit culminates in an arrest in Orange County.

Harris faces multiple charges, including for terroristic threats, fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer and driving with a suspended license.

He is currently booked in the Orange County jail.

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