'Karen' threatens to call council on busker telling her she 'can't sing' in viral TikTok video

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An angry passerby shouted at a busker on the street telling her she “can’t sing”, and even threatened to call the council in a viral TikTok video.

Shanice Forster was playing music on the streets of Peterborough, UK, for a TikTok live stream on 25 August.

The student usually lives in Leicester but has spent the summer at home in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and headed to the nearby city after getting permission from the council to busk there.  

She said: "It’s local and normally I don’t have issues there - until this one Karen got triggered."

Out of the blue, an elderly woman walked up to Shanice and began shouting at her, telling the young performer she “can’t sing."  

In the video, the woman is heard saying: “You can’t bloody sing anyway, you’re putting people off.”  

“You’ll get reported to the council,” the woman continues.  

Shanice responded to the woman and explained the council gave her permission to sing at the location.  

During the bizarre interaction, Shanice can be heard saying, “Mate, I don’t know if you’re upset today.”  

One person in the crowd then stands up for Shanice and tells the woman off so she could continue her performance.  

“I handled it calmly as you’re always going to get one person trying to stop you from doing what you love,” Shanice said.

“Nothing is going to stop me. It’s what makes me happy.  

“The woman sat in a coffee shop further along and apparently it was putting her off and everyone walking by.  

“Others intervened because I had a small crowd of people watching and it really gave me a confidence boost.”  

Shanice uploaded the video to her TikTok page and it has now gained over 2.1 million views, with users praising her for handling the situation well.  

“You handled that with class,” one user said.  

“So much respect for the lady that stood up for you don’t know how you stayed so calm well done,” another user added.  

“Why do people have to be so annoying keep doing what you're doing and don’t let anyone tell you differently,” one user wrote. 

“You handled this so well. What an awful woman. Keep doing what you’re doing,” one user said.  

Shanice said: “I didn’t expect the TikTok to go viral, but it just shows people there’s always a positive that comes from a negative and if you handle things with kindness, it gets you much further in the long run.

“I only had 9,000 followers now I nearly have 30,000 followers so Karen was a blessing in disguise.”  

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