1   Huge python snake found wrapped around wooden stair bannister in Thailand

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A huge python sparked panic after it was spotted wrapped around a wooden stair bannister in Thailand.

The 7ft-long reptile was slithering on the handrail towards the second floor of the house appearing to be searching for food in Saraburi province.

Shocked resident Krisada Silarang, 28, saw the serpent while walking upstairs to her room after eating lunch in their kitchen.

The woman rushed back down upon seeing the snake and called the animal rescuers for help in evacuating the creature.

Krisada said: ‘The colour of the snake was a bit close to that of the bannister. I did not notice the snake was there when I passed by but upon realising I ran back down again to call for help.’

When the rescuers arrived, the snake tried to escape by hiding in the narrow gap between the staircase and the wall.

The cheeky snake poked its head out of the staircase to escape when it thought the volunteers have gone so the men hooked its head in a noose.

It struggled to free itself from the noose but it was tightly secured so the team was able to place the animal inside a sack to be released later in the wild.

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