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The film was filmed in 1972.

The main events of the film take place in 1942 in Karelia.
At the railway siding in the rear of the Soviet troops, two squads of a platoon of anti-aircraft gunners are quartered. A contingent of girls-volunteers, many of whom have just graduated from school, is sent to the commander of the patrol, Sergeant Major Fedot Vaskov (a former intelligence officer, veteran of the Finnish war). While in unauthorized absence, one of the girls, squad leader Rita Osyanina, discovers two German saboteurs in the forest. Returning to the location of the platoon, she reports this to the foreman, and he, having reported to the higher leadership, receives an order to neutralize the enemies.

Petty Officer Fedot Vaskov, soldiers Zhenya Komelkova, Rita Osyanina, Liza Brichkina, Galya Chetvertak and Sonya Gurvich act to intercept the Nazis, whose possible target is the Kirov railway. They set up an ambush, but not two, but sixteen saboteurs come out of the forest. Vaskov's detachment enters into an unequal battle with the Germans. Reinforcements do not come - Liza, whom Vaskov sent to his own, is drowning in a swamp. The girls die one after another, although the foreman tries to protect them as much as possible. Only one Vaskov remains alive. Wounded and almost unarmed, he captures the remaining saboteurs led by the commander. After demobilization, Vaskov adopts the son of Rita Osyanina.

Thirty years later, Vaskov and his adopted son, who became a rocket officer, come to these places and erect a memorial plaque in the area of ​​the death of anti-aircraft gunners.

P.S. The film was re-shot in color and with a different cast in 2015.
P.P.S. A small review of the film - youtube.com/watch?v=RBkA0arH--0

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