Houston police officer shot several times in ambush attack; suspect dies after shootout with police

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A Houston police officer was shot at least three times while searching for a burglary suspect, and the suspect died after the officer fired back in southwest Houston on Saturday, according to the Houston Police Department.

The officer was taken to the hospital and expected to be OK.

Officers responded just after 1 a.m. to the Harwin Drive and Parkersburg Drive.

Three officers had found a man in his 20s, who was accused of committing burglaries and an aggravated assault/robbery, in his silver Honda. The suspect then drove to a Diamond Inn with a woman, and they began walking in the area.

Police followed them in their vehicle to a shopping strip center on Harwin Drive. Then, law enforcement officers said the suspect ambushed an officer and shot at him through the passenger window of the patrol vehicle.

The officer of 17 years was shot several times. He returned fire and struck the suspect multiple times.

The suspect ran away from the scene and was found a short time later around the corner of a building. Officers and emergency medical personnel administered first aid to the suspect, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The wounded officer, identified as Sergeant Mauricio Valle, 38, was transported to Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center in stable condition.

“(He’s) one of our top-notch guys, thank God he’s going to be OK. (He) sustained multiple shots to his arms and legs, and his ballistic vest took on one shot. But, he’s in with the best doctors in the world, and they’re taking care of him,” HPD Chief Troy Finner said.

The woman, who was with the suspect, was detained as well.

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