Body-cam shows Mohave County deputy saving man from house fire

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New body-cam footage shows the heroic rescue by a Mohave County deputy who pulled a man from a burning home minutes before it engulfed in flames.

On Saturday, Deputy Cardenas with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office was the first to arrive at a house fire. “Sheriff’s office! Sheriff’s office!” he yells as he exits his vehicle. “A man is in the house!” neighbors yelled at the deputy. Cardenas then turns to see a house engulfed in flames and runs around the corner to try and find the man.

A shed, kiddie pool, broken down car and other rubble are seen around the home as Cardenas pushes his way to get closer. As he approaches the house, smoke, ash, and bright orange flames are flying in the air. He then hops over a metal fence and runs over to firefighters, who arrived at the scene. Cardenas alerts firefighters that a man is in the house and makes his way back to the burning home.

A woman spraying water on the home also tells Cardenas a man is inside. “He’s in there? How old is he?” Cardenas asks. Cardenas, still searching, uses a baton to break a window into the home and pushes through trees and branches to find the man. “I’m stuck in here!” the man says. The deputy pulls off a wired screen from a window on the side of the home, and a man then hangs out from the side. He helps pull the man out, and the two walk away to firefighters.

The deputy got minor cuts and scrs on his hands from the rescue. The Northern Arizona Fire District says just a few minutes after Cardenas pulled the man from the window, the home was completely engulfed in flames.

The cause of the fire has not been determined. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office applauds the actions of Cardenas and his determination to get the man out of the home.

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