One or two carjacking suspects were killed by a PIT maneuver crash when they fled from CSPD officers

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The ado Springs Police Department (CSPD) has released a "Significant Event Briefing Video" that shows body-cam video from officers involved in a tactical vehicle intervention that occurred on April 13, 2023.

According to CSPD, one of the suspects in the car that was eluding police was pronounced dead at the scene after the chase ended following the tactical intervention.

CSPD said a tactical intervention is defined in their policy as, "The deliberate act of impacting a suspect vehicle with a law enforcement vehicle in an attempt to force the suspect's vehicle to stop in a pursuit.

On April 13, CSPD received a call from a man who reported his had been carjacked at gunpoint at their apartment complex. The then spoke to dispatch and said the suspects had held a gun to her head and took her purse and car keys, CSPD said.

Later that night, officers located the stolen vehicle with two people in it, driving near South Academy Blvd. and South Chelton Rd. CSPD said both people had masks pulled over their faces.

According to CSPD, the driver of the vehicle was later identified as 18-year-old D'Angelo Flynn. The passenger was identified as 20-year-old Henry Jackson.

When officers initiated a traffic stop, the vehicle accelerated and officers initiated a pursuit. CSPD said a sergeant that was monitoring the situation authorized tactical vehicle invention.

Following the tactical intervention, the suspect crashed into a light pole and officers requested medical, CSPD said.

According to CSPD, Flynn was responsive and was taken into custody without incident. Jackson was unresponsive and was provided medical treatment until medical personnel arrived. He was then pronounced dead at the scene by responding medical personnel.

CSPD said evidence from the robbery was in Jackson's possession, as was a handgun.

According to CSPD, the officer involved in this incident was Officer Matthew Anderson

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