Body camera video shows dramatic February shootout in Providence

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Providence police on Thursday released body-worn camera footage of the dramatic February shootout on Denison Street, showing families fleeing from hundreds of rounds of gunfire that resulted in one dead suspect.

The Providence Police Department released five clips of body camera video from the early-morning shootout between law enforcement and 61-year-old Scott MacLean. The Providence resident barricaded himself inside his home at about 2:30 a.m. after police responded to a domestic violence call, according to police.

The body cam footage shows the standoff erupted into gunfire shortly after 6 a.m., spurring police to begin evacuating nearby homes, ushering families out of the area as gunshots are heard nearby.

“Sarge, I got a family over here,” said one of the officers to his sergeant, shortly before a husband and wife, each holding an infant, come out of a doorway.

“Where do we go?” the woman asked.

“Across the street,” the sergeant said. “Go behind that car.”

The family is later seen on the video huddling against the wall of a building, hiding from the gunfire.

In a separate clip, officers can be heard frantically trying to take out MacLean, who had an automatic rifle he was using to try and take out a so-called “throwbot.” The robotic device is equipped with a camera and used by police to try and get a visual on suspects during standoffs. The house is also on fire.

“He trying to load the rifle and shoot the bot,” one officer is heard yelling.

“Take him out, take him out,” another shouted.

As Target 12 previously reported, Providence police had responded to the two-family home prior to the early-morning gun battle 16 times since 2015, including as recently as the week before. Police said they initially responded the day of the shootout because of a report of MacLean assaulting his family.

Leading up to the gunfire, the body camera footage shows officers entering the home, holding shields, and trying to talk MacLean down from his second-floor apartment.

“You’ve got a family outside that’s worried about you,” an officer is heard calling up to MacLean.

Providence police released the body camera video as a result of a public records request filed by Target 12. The request was initially denied, but the city decided to release the video Thursday.

The body camera footage shows officers firing at MacLean’s second-floor window from behind vehicles. Smoke can later be seen billowing out of the window.

“We got a fire going,” one officer shouted. “There’s a fire going.”

Officers are heard on the radio saying that MacLean had gained access to a safe with about 15 guns inside, including rifles.

MacLean was pronounced dead after the gunfight ended. Police later announced the state’s medical examiner determined the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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