Body cam shows Baton Rouge police fatally shoot recent murder suspect who pointed gun at officers

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The Baton Rouge Police Department released more details, including body camera footage, after a Friday, July 21, shooting at College Drive apartments.

Police reportedly shot Dantonior Stalling, 23, after he pointed a gun at officers. BRPD said Stalling shot and injured Dyshon Williams, 18, during a fight. Both men died at the hospital.

Baton Rouge Police Deputy Chief Myron Daniels gave details about what happened the evening of the shooting during the news conference. He said BPRD officers were asked around 9:26 p.m. to respond to an apartment complex.

“The public assist was in regards to a domestic disturbance surrounding a child custody dispute,” said Daniels.

While officers were on the way to the scene, they were notified that one person was armed at the location.

Daniels said that the first officer who arrived at the scene met the suspect, who was pointing a gun at him. The officer then retreated while communicating what was going on to other responding officers.

Another officer arrived at the scene and appears to react to a gunshot or gunshots being fired before taking cover, Daniels said. He said the suspect kept walking toward officers, pointing his gun and demanding that they kill him. Two officers then reportedly shot the suspect.

The officers were placed on leave, per department policy. An investigation is ongoing.

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