Body-cam shows alleged DUI driver swimming out of Chandler lake after crashing SUV

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Body-cam video shows an alleged DUI driver swimming out of a Chandler lake after police said she crashed her SUV into it, then allegedly lied to officers about what happened early Thursday morning.

Chandler police say the crash happened just after midnight near Ray and Dobson roads. A body-cam video shows 22-year-old Dakota Delsey swimming out of the man-made lake. “Is there anyone else?” one officer says. Another officer then yells that there might be another person inside the SUV.

Delsey first told officers that she was a passenger in the vehicle. “Think hard. Was there anyone in the car with you?” one officer asked Delsey. She said someone else was driving and provided someone’s name, officers said. “How far out is the car?” one officer says. “Does anyone have a window breaker?” someone else asks. Several officers begin walking into the lake, searching for the SUV and the alleged second person.

Fire crews and officers worked to try to find the driver, yelling out the name Delsey gave them. However, detectives say they learned that it wasn’t true. Police said Delsey was arrested on accusations of false reporting and driving under the influence. No one was hurt.

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