2   Hapless sloth gets rescued after falling into pond in Costa Rica

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In this clip, a hapless sloth is rescued after falling into a pond in a wildlife centre in Costa Rica.

Footage shows one of the workers at Jaguar Rescue Centre scooping up the animal out of the water in the Limon province.

Tourist Marianne Bergseth was visiting the facility. She said that the sloth seemed to experience difficulties in emerging from the water on its own, possibly because the animal was tired.

She said: "The sloth was one of the rescued animals inside the centre. The guys working there were quick to save it but we did not know how long he had been there for".

The animal was then taken back to a tree where it rested after being dried up.

Sloths are noted for their slowness of movement. They spend most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees of tropical rainforests in South and Central America.

The footage was filmed on June 9.

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