Fort Worth PD Release Videos of Man Running Over Woman, Confrontation With Officers

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Fort Worth Police released videos Thursday afternoon of a driver running down a woman in his car, and bodycam video of a fatal police shooting they say involved the same man.
Chief of Police Neil Noakes said in a video released on Jan. 12 that at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 7 police officers were dispatched to Osbun Street after multiple people called 911 to report a man pushed a woman out of a car before running her down as she tried to run away.

Home surveillance video obtained by police showed the woman running through several yards before a white Kia Soul enters the frame at a high rate of speed, leaves the road and hits the woman from behind before crashing into two vehicles parked in two different driveways.

Noakes said the woman was seriously injured in the collision, but didn't elaborate further on her condition.

After hitting the woman, at least one person can be seen exiting a home on Osbun Street and engaging with the driver of the Kia before he backs up and drives away. Two other drivers in the area were seen in the recording and may have been witnesses to the collisions.

Police said the driver, who was later identified as 37-year-old Robert Bradshaw, then went to a family member's house about four miles away along the 3500 block of Wedgworth Road.

At 5:45 p.m., Noakes said Bradshaw's mother called 911 saying she was scared, needed help and that her son needed mental health assistance. She added that he may have mental disorders and could be armed with a knife. The woman, who was whispering, said she was at her home with her two older parents and didn't want her son to know she'd called the police.

Dispatchers also received another 911 call from Bradshaw's sister, who told police she was on the phone with her mother when her brother entered the home and that he was a danger to those inside. She also told dispatchers that her brother may be armed with a knife.

Fort Worth officers, Noakes said, were unaware of the man's alleged involvement in the incident on Osbun Street when they were dispatched but aware of the calls for mental health assistance with an armed person. When officers arrived at the home on Wedgworth Road, they knocked on the front door and asked if they could come inside.

In bodycam videos released by police, a man can be seen in the living room, and he can be heard telling the officers to stay outside. According to police, the man was holding a large knife.

Noakes said officers ordered the man multiple times to put down the knife, but that he refused. As the officers began discussing using a stun gun, Noakes said the man charged at them with the knife and that both officers fired at him.

The man can be seen collapsing through the glass storm door as the edited police video ends. Noakes said the officers provided first aid until an ambulance arrived, but that Bradshaw later died.

"This incident is another reminder of the dangers and realities of police work and the split-second decisions that have to be made," Noakes said. "It's an unfortunate reminder of what officers encounter when they're serving the community. We ask for your prayers for everyone involved in this incident."

Noakes cautioned that the investigation was still in the preliminary stages and that once completed it would be handed over to the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office for review and grand jury presentation.

Noakes did not reveal any further details about how police connected the incidents or the confrontation that led to the woman being run over.

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