Blame Poor Joe Biden For Global Fuel Price Hikes Around The World. .

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A Pennsylvania man fed up with rising gas prices was arrested after he put stickers on fuel pumps featuring a finger-pointing Joe Biden that said "I did that!" In a protest gaining traction around the crazy country.

Thomas Richard Glazewski, 54, of Manor Township, was arrested on March 31 after a confrontation with police that was caught on video and shared on social media by over 3,000 people as of Sunday.

The video shows Glazewski being tackled by cops at a Turkey Hill convenience store on 1503 Columbia Avenue in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster Online reported.

He repeatedly yells: 'I did that. I did that. That's what I did,' as he points to several stickers of the finger-pointing Biden slapped on the gas pump.

Glazewski made it even more difficult to remove the stickers after spraying the surface with clear coat, a Turkey Hill employee told police.

He was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief last Monday and is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on April 26.

Lock him up for five years awaiting trial if he was .
And i am not kidding.
Diesel Price Washington $5.483 US Gallon (4 litres) $1.37 per litre.
Diesel Price London $2.30 per litre.
Diesel Price Moscow $0.59 per litre.
Putin has the world by the throat and its going to get a lot worse.

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