Jacksonville police K-9 Huk 'in good spirits' as he recovers after being shot 3 times

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Huk, a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office police dog, continues to recover after being shot three times following a police chase that ended in a crash and shootout Friday afternoon near the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Veterinarians posted a condition update Sunday on Facebook about the veteran police dog, who sustained multiple other injuries during the standoff that the Sheriff's Office said also resulted in the deaths of two of three suspects.

No human police officers or civilians were injured in the confrontation that forced a temporary lockdown at the zoo.

The case remains under investigation. The Sheriff's Office hadn't released any updates as of noon Monday. News partner First Coast News was in court for the one surviving suspect who gave himself up, 32-year-old Robert Lewis Motely. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine.

His lawyer said he was not the driver and has not been accused of having a gun during the arrest. The judge ordered his bail set at $75,000.

Huk was flown by Sheriff's Office helicopter to First Coast Veterinary Emergency in Jacksonville Beach for care after officers extricated him from the shooting scene.

Huk also has soft tissue injuries to the neck, hind end and the carpus (wrist) along with orthopedic injuries, the veterinary hospital posted on its Facebook page.

The 24-hour emergency care veterinary hospital has been posting updates about Huk's condition on social media since the wounded police dog arrived for care.

Veterinarians said Huk had his wound dressings changed Sunday morning.

"We are hopeful that we will be able to close his neck wound tomorrow [Monday], they posted.

They add a "Wound vac" to Huk's treatment plan for his injured wrist, which has the most tissue damage.

"He did take a few minutes outside to enjoy some fresh air. He is still in good spirits," the veterinarians also posted. "However, he is not so happy about the cone-of-shame (E-collar). Huk chewed at his bandage so he needs to wear an E-collar now! His expression is priceless in the photo when the collar was placed."

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