Stockton police release graphic video of suspect being shot while stabbing wife on the front porch

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Graphic body cam footage has been released of a violent encounter between Stockton police officers and a man authorities said tried to stab and kill the mother of his child.
The incident happened on February 3, 2024, along the 1500 block of East Eleventh Street. Officers had responded to the area after receiving a report from a caller who said her parents were arguing, and her father was going to stab her mother.

The extremely graphic video, released by the Stockton Police Department on Tuesday, is unblurred and shows an officer intervening at the front door of the couple's residence. The mother is bloodied and on the floor, attempting to exit the front door before she is attacked by the father.

The father, who was still armed with a knife, did not comply with the officer's commands and attempted to stab the woman again. This is when police said one of the officers fired their weapon, wounding the suspect and saving the victim as she was crawling out the front door.

Five children were home at the time and were uninjured. The mother was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. She has since been released from the hospital.

Officers rendered medical aid to the suspect, a 37-year-old man, and also took him to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound.

No officers were injured in the incident. A knife was recovered at the scene.

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