Colorado police bodycam shows officer track down a burglary suspect while he was on toilet

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A burglary suspect was on the toilet when police in Colorado tracked him down and arrested him, according to authorities.

The incident, which occurred Thursday morning, was caught on camera.

The Lakewood Police Department shared footage of the arrest. Video shows the suspect on the throne with his pants down around his ankles.

While we see a lot of things in the line of doody, we had no clue what awaited us this time!" the department noted on Twitter.

In the video, armed officers are seen walking down a hallway before opening a door. The door led to a bathroom -- as well as the suspect sitting on the toilet.

The suspect, said police, was literally caught with his pants down.

"Show me your hands," police say, as the man raises both hands. He appears to be holding something, which he drops to the floor.

"I'm on the sh*tter, bro," the suspect says. "I barely made it."

Police then tell him to stand up, which he does. The man's face, as well as his genitals, are blurred in the video.

Police said the suspect, who was not identified, was previously involved in a burglary. Authorities said they found him with help from drone teams.

"The suspect was taken to jail (after pulling his pants up) and is being held on 2nd degree burglary charges," police noted.

Police also praised officers for making the arrest.

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