Bodycam video shows Tempe police shooting, killing armed man who was suspected of breaking into vehicles

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The Tempe Police Department released on Monday new edited but graphic body-camera video of an officer shooting and killing an armed man who police said fired at officers near a business during the summer.

It happened on Aug. 14 in the northwest corner of Rural and Baseline roads, and it looked like a man, later identified as 45-year-old John Andreyo, was stealing from a car. “It looks like someone just broke into a car in the parking lot like they smashed the window out and currently sitting in the back seat,” said the woman who called 911. “He took a book bag out of the car, and now he is walking.” Police later said the car belonged to Andreyo, but dispatch couldn’t verify that until after the shooting.

Two officers arrived and found Andreyo in the stairwell near the now-closed Flo’s Asian restaurant. “Let me see your hands,” the first officer shouts. Andreyo wouldn’t drop the bag that he had. The first officer had his gun drawn until the second officer showed up, and the first officer then got out his stun gun and pointed it at Andreyo. The second officer has his gun drawn. “I can’t do this,” Andreyo said in the video. He’s standing but hunched over with his bag. “Just tase him, tase him, tase him,” the second officer told the first officer.

Viewers can hear in the body-cam video Andreyo loading a gun. “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” the first officer exclaimed while running out of the way. Police said Andreyo then fired his gun multiple times, and the second officer returned fire, striking Andreyo multiple times. Police later said Andreyo would have fired more shots, but his gun jammed. Andreyo was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

No officers were hurt.

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