Burglary suspect gun jams during shootout with San Diego police officers

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San Diego police on Monday released bodycam video of a shooting between an officer and a burglary suspect in University City earlier this month.

Around 3 a.m. on Aug. 11, officers were called to an apartment complex in the 3400 block of Lebon Drive after a security guard reported a burglary in an underground parking garage, police said. The guard had told police that two men driving a Ford F-150 were breaking into cars.

The video starts when officers arrive at the garage and two people inside the pickup truck run off in different directions. Police say there were three officers who then followed the driver, 39-year-old Justin Teague, around the complex.

As the video continues, at least one officer can be heard shouting at Teague to get on the ground. After several seconds of foot chase, the video freezes and the frame is zoomed in to show Teague turned toward an officer, at which point he fired his gun, police say.

The officer immediately returns fire. At least a dozen gunshots can be heard.

“He’s down,” the officer is heard saying.

Once Teague is on the ground, officers can be heard telling him to “stay on the ground.” They ask him where the gun is, then tell him to move away from it. Officers eventually move in to handcuff Teague.

Police say when officers recovered Teague’s firearm, it was loaded and jammed with a round in its chamber.

Teague was taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The following week, Teague was charged with several counts, including attempt of premeditated murder on a peace officer. The judge denied bail.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Unit is investigating the shooting. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will then review the investigation.

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